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From Germany with love

Birds twittering and frogs croaking combined with techno. Dominik Eulberg,33, a biologist and dj from Bonn, submitted evidence that this unusual combination of nature and clubbing fits together. The new concert series organized by Goethe-Institut Istanbul and Babylon in which German and Turkish musicians are performing together, “From Germany With Love”, started on 3rd March with one of the most creative djs of Germany. Dominik Eulberg sharing the stage with İstanbul’s local djs Mabbas, Discolog and Onur Büber at Babylon. Babylon club was crammed full; especially many people from different parts of the world joined the party, indicating that Dominik Eulberg is a well-known dj far beyond Germany´s borders.

Dominik Eulberg is known as the founder of ecologic-techno which combines a passionate sound rep with resonances from the nature. In an interview with News,Etc Dominik Eulberg described his music in the following way: “I think it is pretty hard to put my music into a certain category. When I am writing music, it is about transporting a certain feeling.“ For him conveying feelings is the basic-essence of music and feelings are best generated through melody. Nature is Eulberg´s most important source of inspiration and at the same time the best way to recharge his batteries. He often spends his time outdoors taking in all the impressions and trying to capture them in the form of an “acoustic picture“.

Dominik Eulberg has many talents, duties and responsibilities: Besides being a producer and dj, thus travelling from club to club every weekend, Dominik Eulberg also writes nature-columns for newspapers and magazines, works for nature organizations and gives lessons at an art college. It is the wish of the ornithologist from deep inside “to raise the awareness of the people for the beauty of nature, not because it needs our protection, but because it is the easiest and cheapest way to happiness.“

Dominik Eulberg grew up in in Westerwald, a very rural region in Germany and at his home there was no television set. He just spent time outdoors in nature from the early morning to the evening. As Dominik Eulberg says, he “virtually lived in the woods and
on the greens.“ His hobby was to assort animals, plants and to cultivate biotopes.
He was not interested in music till he got 14 years old.
Looking back the dj is very grateful for growing up without television. Life without superficial entertainment forced him to create entertainment for
 his own.
Through that he learned to understand nature as a source for inspiration.

first time he came in contact with electronic music was in 1992 when he heard
tracks on a Ghetto-Blaster from his peers at the neighborhood.
It was a radio show on HR3 Clubnight by Sven Väth which was on air.
This was a total new
world which opened up for him, although electronic music did not quite fit in with his life in pure nature. He bought himself a synthesizer in order to discover
the secrets how tones are generated by electricity. From that time on Dominik Eulberg was hooked on that kind of music.

In the 90’s he moved from the countryside to the city Bonn to start studying biology and geology at university. Here he also took his first steps as dj and producer. Since his first single release in 2003 via Traum Schallplatten, the German dj has made a particular name for itself and his special kind of music with nature and animal noises. Also his extraordinary track names like „Die Rohrdommel und der Wachtelkönig im Schachtelhalmlabyrinth” make sure, that Dominik Eulberg is standing out from the crowd. If we try to translate the title it reads something like “Bittern and corncrake in the labyrinth of a horse tail.” Bittern and corncrake are two bird species known probably only to those ornithologists like the composer himself.

Dominik Eulberg is considered to be one of the best of German djs and was given many awards both for his own works and the remixes he did for the songs of musicians like Hot Chip, DJ Hell, Tiefschwarz or Nathan Fake.
For Dominik Eulberg Istanbul “is a very exceptional city, it really feels like being in the umbilical cord of life.“ All indications suggest, that it was not the last time, that the German dj and his remarkable music made a stopover in Istanbul.

Silvia Deufel

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