(Apus apus)

Apus apus is the Latin name of the common swift bird. Since my childhood, no other bird has fascinated me that much as this master of the skies. The swift spends nearly all of its life in the air; it drinks, eats and sleeps there. Even mating is carried out at lofty heights. This true aeronaut can travel up to four million kilometers over the course of its life – ten times the distance from here to the moon.
Apus apus is a platform where I can live out the love for music and nature, along with other kindred spirits. Nature is the greatest artist of all: its skillful sophistication coupled with its limitless varieties of shapes and colors are unparalleled. This beauty is not achieved by chance ... and this is what this label is all about: the celebration of the plurality of creation.
Various creatures of the native flora and fauna are interpreted musically on Apus apus. They will be illustrated by the enchanting works from Erich Cramer. Every single cover will be framed by an individual designed border made out of butterfly wings. They are, as no other animal, symbol for the beauty of nature. Exciting facts about the protagonists are listed on the back side of each cover to sensibilise the listener in favour of Mother Nature: You only acknowledge what you already know. The music pieces are thoughtfully presented: quality over quantity, two tracks per EP. This is the same philosophy for releasing: new music only appears once it is created.

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